Appointment booking allows businesses to efficiently book and manage appointments for one or more staff:
  • Auto phone call and/or text message reminders for your clients/patients
  • Appointment search
  • Online booking - Allow your clients/patients to book appointments for themselves at their convenience
  • Book appointments with a specific staff or with first available. The system will verify availability of the selected staff at the time of booking.
  • Book any number of appointments per month for same low fee.
  • Book multiple appointments per time slot.
  • Take notes of up to two pages per interaction
  • Drag-and-drop appointments for instant rescheduling
  • Block out days and/or times with easy to use system settings
  • One-click multiple booking
  • Appointment charges/fees
  • Keep track of any purchases made during the appointment
  • Recurring appointments
  • Appointment statistics/reports
  • Fast navigation
  • Advanced booking - Book appointments for a year (or more) in advance.
  • Export day's schedule to a print friendly format (PDF)
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